Greetings From the Future!

Welcome to Korea!

If there is one thing about my time in Seoul, South Korea that consistently astonishes me it would have to be the fact that I am literally living in the future.  Most of my waking hours are spent going about my life one day ahead of everyone I know back home.  This observation has led me to (probably too frequently) refer to Seoul as Tomorrowland, a place where that singing orphan’s song about the sun coming out soon does not apply.  Tomorrow is not only a day away, it is actually already here.  While that probably doesn’t bode well for those musically-inclined children looking for parents, I for one am having a great time living in the land of the rising sun.*

I’ve set up this blog because I know how hard it is going to be to keep in contact with everyone back home.  A 14-hour time difference doesn’t exactly make communication easy.  I have a skype account (ID: andrewbrown1223) and I check my e-mail ( pretty religiously, but hopefully by reading this you will all rest safe and sound knowing that I have not been kidnapped by Kim Jong-il.  Yet.

*I know that the land of the rising sun is actually Japan, but Korea has millions of trademark/copyright violations glowing in neon lights so I don’t feel too terrible forcing Japan’s nickname upon the country and it really fits for Korea as well.


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